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[21 Nov 2006|08:17pm]
i dunno how i feel these days.

nothing is really going wrong, but i feel like something isnt right.

ever get that feeling?

what's missing?

lkjalsdkfjad fi i should just stop.

lalallalalalaa. our band made all superiors at hoover.
and best in class drum majors.
and best in class percussion.
and the colorguard made a two.
bitches. they deserve it.

only eight more band practices.

thank you jesus.

i still hate pre cal. and thought things were getting better...

i think i might make 'most dependable' in our senior class 'who's who' thing.

a lot of people said they voted for me on it.

i reckon i'm miss. dependent..muahahaha.

okay, i'm done rambling.
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[18 Nov 2006|07:33am]
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[12 Nov 2006|06:03am]

it is five fucking fifteen in the morning and i have not slept a winlk since 11:49 this morning. and it's all sunnys fault. now i am insanely hungry and sunny said she will make me food when the sun comes up, which i shall hold her to, so i am going to update you on mu fall break. my entire fall break, in hopes to make time pass more quickly.

SATURDAY: mom says i'm grounded because i have a sixty in pre cal. boo. i went and got my pictures taken. professionaly. watched the alabama vs. florida game with mom and julia and i probably watched mean girls, sat around on the computer, and went to bed.

SUNDAY: mom and i leave for tuscaloosa, alabama to go to college orientation. longggggggggggg ass car ride. we drive above eighty the whole way. gas was expensive. i'm glad i wasnt paying for it. we stop in birmingham to eat and do some shopping. got pretty clothes from delias. then we hit the road again. we get there. we watch the longest yard in the hotel room and then eventually fall asleep.

MONDAY: wake up at the crack of dawn to get ready to go to college thing. go to college thing. "college...roll tide...some game played on saturday, huh?...nursing...hard work...food...scholarships..band...blah blah blah" and all that jazz. it was informative and i am excited about attending there nextg year. later we head home. another super duper long car ride. only i drove most of the way this time. still, we barrly went below eighty. as got more expensive.

TUESDAY: i went over to fairhope all by lonesome self and got my haqir restraightened and cute. eh, i kinda like. i kinda dont. whatever, it doesnt look that different. when i get home, amy has come into town. hi amy. mom is still being a butthole and says i cant do anything. sunny comes over. we chill. she goes home. i go to sleep.

WEDNESDAY: i wake up. i beg my parents if i can go to the mall with sunny. they be bitchy and say no. whores. so i travel on down to the local library to submit my college application to the unversity of alabama becaue my gay ass computer wouldnt let me. then i go to wal mart and bought the new all americacn rejects cd. i like it. when i got home i got cleaned up and rode with david, amy, and julia to the mall because amy wanted to go shopping. julia and i went and met up with sunny in her search for a scarf. she found one. then we said good bye to sunny and went ate with david, momma, amy, and julia at the fish house. we sat outside. it was windy. half my menu flew away. but i had sushi and it was really good. we go home and sunny asks julia if she can come down and julia says sure because "mom is in her happy drunk phase". so down comes sunny and we chill some more. she goes and asks her parental units if she can go to andalusia with me the following day. they say "yes". i go home and go to sleep.

THURSDAY: i wake up bright and early to shadow my mom at work. i wanted to see just exactly what i did before i made the decision that that is indeed what i want to do when i grow up. it was interesting. i think i do want to become a nurse anethesist. after watching two cases, i leve to go meet up with sunny at the mall to leave for andalusia. we eat at panera bread, which was delicious, and then head northeast. we got there in time for the pep rally so we attend. it was fun. then sunny, jessica, kristi, laura, cherokee, alex, and i went to eat at taco bell. the cashier lady had no teeth. and when we were leaving cherokee came up to the window and falshed us. heh, it was funny. we meet back up at jessica's (minus kristi and alex) and chit chat until everyone cept sunny and i had to go back up to the school for band nerd reasons. sunny and i got dressed and camera whored and then went to the football game. it was entertaining. saw lots of andalusia folks. thennnnnnnnnn, we head to cherokee's dad's house because he is out of town. we end up with a flask of vodka and a bunch of smirnoff. it wasnt supposed to be a party but that's what it turned into. people just kept showing up. so jessica, cherokee, sunny, kristi, laura, and i started having potty parties in cherokees teeny tiny bathroom. we hid our alcohal in there too. the potty parties were great. the funniest part of the whole night was kriti carring around her case of smirn off like an old lady clutching her hand bag. it was hilarious. the rest of the night is a bit hazy. but i remember it was fun.

FRIDAY: we wake up around seven thirty. sunny, kristi, jessica, and i are hungry so we go get food at hardees. when we return to the hozz-ouse. the others are still not up and the four of us are rather hyper. we eat our food and begin to torture the sleeping. in the other room there are about eight people piled on eachother so we declared it the jew/exploded orgy room and that we are the nazis. actually we declared we were nazis the night before and even drew swasticas on our arms, we just hadnt found the jews yet. ANYWAY, kristi grabs a permanent marker and starts writing numbers on people. it was so funny. people get pissed off and leave and only the four of us plus cherokee are left. we bullshit for a while. cherokee has to leave for some odd reason so the rest of us try and clean up the house. we hear the garbage man outside so we run out with all the bottles from the night before and ask if he can dispose of them for us. he does. then we talk some more and sunny and i leave by twelve thirty. on the way home we sang, killed a misquito, and sunny wrote with her foot. when we got home, sunny tavled to her house and i went to took a shower and didnt awaken until five thirty or so. later, i take julia and her friend to pick up a pizza and some movies. i join them in watching fever pitch and the consumption of said pizza. later sunny comes over and we pour drinks and put in mean girls but we end up passing out not too long after. at some point sunny goes home.

SATURDAY: i dont wake up until eleven fourty nine. i go talk to the parents and then go to the pet store and lunch with sunny. later, we went to the beach. it was soooo pretty outside but the flies were horrible. and we got sticks and drew in the sand. hehee, it was grand. mitchell shows up and we go on a mission to find icees. we find them. then we go to a souviner shop and stand in the parking lot to finish out icees before we go inside and these girls in some car keep looking at us and then pretending they didnt so we looked back and pretended we did. eventually their dad came out and they left. we waved. the dad waved back. we went inside. it was boring. we left. we dropped mitchell off at his car and went himne to get cleaned up to go to a show at the grind. it really wasnt that great. but the comapny was good. we had a double screaming orgasm. it was sooooooo yummy. then we went to sonic and chatted with mitchell, mike, and david for quite some time. my finger are getting tired so i wont go into too much detail. except that i cant beleive i looked so forward to hearing the horse joke. we leave around eleven to make it home by eleven thrity. once i get home, i leave and go to sunnys. we spray bleached some jackets, and tried to go steal and innerarity point road sign but failed. then i drew a picture of sunny and did some other shit. and now here i lay, typing out this insanely long lovejournal post. it's now six oh one. maybe sunny will make me breakfast now.

love, peace, and chicken grease bitches.

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[11 Nov 2006|04:48pm]
i love fall break.

more details later.

but for now, add me at myspace: http://www.myspace.com/megannerockman
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lets get fucked up and die [04 Nov 2006|07:34pm]
[ mood | bummed ]

to this day, i can lay here
and think of you.
and with shame, it brings a
smile to my face.

i'm just going to give up. one day, the right one will be there. and until then, i'm not going to worry about it.

i'm grounded for this one night due to my sixty in pre cal. okay, so i deserve it. but i really wanted to go see cruiserweight play.

my mom and i are going to the university of alabama tomorrow for freshman orentation. yay. i'm excited.

speaking of alabama, they beat the shit outta florida today. it was a great game. except when prothro broke his ankle. that was bad. really bad.


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[31 Oct 2006|08:00pm]
and with my last gasping breath, i'd apologize for bleeding on your shirtCollapse )
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[25 Oct 2006|08:25pm]
i'm still alive.

and i'm insanely tired.

and it's homecoming week.

and now i'm going to bed.

the end.
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OMGOMGOMG [18 Oct 2006|08:14pm]
[ mood | ECSTATIC ]




title or description

title or description


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[16 Oct 2006|06:34pm]
i havent experienced this feeling in forever. that feeling of caring what he thinks and what he'll do next. that feeling of no control. and i don't know if i like this feeling much. there's just too much of a chance to get hurt.
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I'M NOT A FAGGOT [15 Oct 2006|09:04pm]
so it seems i havent updated in what seems like forever times a million. but here i sit on a saturday night waiting for sunny to get home so we can get crunkzzzz and do naughty things. so i'll do an update on my life.

1. BAND IS TAKING OVER MY LIFE. i've mentioned it before, but it's still true. but i enjoy band a whole lot more this year than i did last year. last year, i came into a close knit band as an outsider and that's how it felt. but this year, i feel like i know these kids better and i really want to do well my senior year. haha, i even went out and rented drumline this evening and was all like oh, look at those intervals. they suck. dude, that diagonal sucks. but i still like the drum-off thing.

2. I LOVE SUNNY A WHOLE LOT. a lot of bullshit happened over the summer where we both fucked up, but we have talked about it and gotten over it. and now, i feel closer to more than ever.

3. IF YOU CAN PLAY THE DRUMS WELL, IT AUTOMATICALLY MAKES YOU TEN TIMES HOTTER THAN BEFORE. so friday, we were sitting in band going over stand tunes and it was soooooooooooooo boring because we dont have any percussion in our class due to the fact that mr. h wanted to chunk them all together in one class for marching season. well anyway, it was insanely boring and we go to play some song and BAM mr wood is on the drum set playing along and it was like whoa, i didnt know mr wood could play the drums. that's kinda hot. and mr wood is not hot. we even tell him so on the rare occasion our football team manages to score some points. he's an almost albino canadian. but there was just something about that almost albino canadian playing the drums.

4. HOLY SHIT! WE'RE NO LONGER THE SHITTIEST TEAM IN ESCAMBIA COUNTY. we beat west florida last night, 27-23. i got a lot of kicks out of it considering cody rambled on about how he was the bad ass quarterback this year and how they were gonna be sooooooooooooooo good and they have yet to win a game and i didnt see cody on the feild at all. teeheehee.

5. HOMECOMING IS NEXT WEEK. this means it's my last homecoming. i have always loved homecoming. it's my favorite time of the year. the dance is next weekend and i am going to go. a date would be nice, but we'll just see what happens. i think i may join SPC. i think it would be fun to go out and have an excuse to act and dress like a retard for a week.

6. I'M FAILING PRE CAL. fuck. i told my mom the other night and we came to the conclusion that i need a tutor. and mrs schuler is a butthead. so we'll see were it goes from there.

7. I'M GONNA TRY AND GO TO ANDALUSIA NEXT SATURDAY FOR MEMOLSUIA. i still have to ask my mom about it and i'm afraid she's gonna be all "OMGZ!!!!!!!!! GASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and that would suck, but i really wanna see my andalusia hoes. 'cuz, i love them.

well, there's a summary of my life for about the past two weeks. now have some pictures!!!!!!1!!!!one!!Collapse )
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read read read [11 Oct 2006|09:47pm]
1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
i was bored and i dont feel like writing about my life, so i wrote about yours.Collapse )
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i'm so far along and i just dont need you [09 Oct 2006|11:36pm]
[ mood | craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy ]

i dyed the under-layer of my hair purple.

but it's only temporary.

i love sunny something crazy.

that's not temporary.

dammit, we ran outta prange juice and there are no soft drinks to be found.

i'm so glad we dont school tomorrow.

the end. i love you.

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so, what do you want to do? [05 Oct 2006|02:00pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

well, a lot has happened over the past week.
we havent been in school since last friday. hurricane katrina didnt really fuck up anything around here but to the west of here is horrible. i sat and cried this morning as i watched the news. they have it so much worse than we did with ivan. they all look just so pitiful and helpless but what can anyone do? and who knows how this will effect the rest of us. they are saying that since there are so many oil refineries that got fucked up along the coast there could possibly be a gas shortage and god knows this gas guzzling country, which is already gas deprived, doesnt need anything to make it worse.
fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk. shit. damn.
well, one the bright side, it didnt happen here. and i feel awful for saying that.

well, since monday when katrina came in i've spent most of my time with sunny. we were without power for two days so we found ways to entertain ourselves. hehehe. it was fun. i love sunny.

we have to go back to school tomorrow. blah. i wonder if we'll still be having that spanish test. at least we have a three day weekend coming up.

it's amazing how one person can influence so many people's lives for the worst.

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we are the pirates who don't do anything [29 Sep 2006|09:19pm]
[ mood | amused ]

band is taking over my life.

in other news, i have pictures.

title or description
ross made us masks today in yearbook.
title or description
i helped sunny escape from fifth period for about sive seconds today
title or description
i get really bored in yearbook

julia and i jammed out to relient k on the way home from band practice today. it was grand.

and i've never licked a spark-plug
and i've never sniffed a stink bug
and i've never painted daisies on a big red rubber ball
and i've never bathed in yogurt
and i dont look good in leggings
and i've never been to boston in the fall

hehe, oh how i love relient k so.

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wildly exciting is our normal [25 Sep 2006|06:01pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

i have come to the realization that in life, you do indeed have your wins and loses, but if you just open your eyes and look at what you've won and not worry about what you have lost, the world can be a wonderful place.

for being grounded, my weekend was fairly amusing. i worked today and yesterday but i had sunny to keep me company. we found that if you chunk stuff, like shaken up coke and meatball and green pepper bombs, it is heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelarious. oh, and dont forget the tuna.

i am ready for summer. how many days 'till?

we went to walmart yesterday and i purchased the warped tour 2005 cd. it was soo worth it. seven bucks for fifty songs. yay.oh, and i finally got mean girls. it was six dollars. i love wal mart.

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[23 Sep 2006|09:49pm]
it's almost ten o'clock on a friday night and here i sit at home updating my livejournal. i am grounded this weekend for not disposing the evidence.

i watched sin city this evening. all throughout it i was pondering whether i liked in or not and i have come to a conclusion. i do. it was completely original. the best part was it was filmed in black and white and only blood and things that had important meaning were in color. i think there is a lot more to it than killing, hookers, and men with deep voices. and the computer graphic picture things were awesome. i must try and find some.

oh, and elijah wood was a jumping, silent, cannibal. it was cool.
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so far away i just cant see you [21 Sep 2006|06:51pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i havent updated in what seems like forever but life has been so hectic lately. between school, band, homework, work, and friends i've had no time to just lay around and do nothing.

but i'm not complaining. well, not really. i could with a little less band and a little more sleep but we dont always get what we want.

we ran through the whole opener for the first time today. finally, some results of all the hours dedicated to practice.

i love anatomy.
i hate pre cal.

here. have some pictures from last weekend. i'm so far along i just dont need youCollapse )

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i wont fall for it next time [14 Sep 2006|07:06pm]
[ mood | ehhhhhh, you know ]

if this is supposed to be all happy and exciting, then why do i feel so nervous and scared?

we can now wear flip flops to school. of course, they have to meet some kind of requirement but whatthefuckever. a flip flop is pretty much a flip flop.

i think i failed my first pre cal quiz today.

i hate it when people think they have all the answers and they think they know everything when really all they are is annoying and they know nothing of which they are speaking.

i'm not to sure of myself right now. i am questioning who i am and who i want to be. and i am not sure of either.

blah. fuck this feeling.

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i wont have to quit doing fucked up shit [11 Sep 2006|05:48pm]
[ mood | doodoo do do doo ]

last night was grand. julia and i teamed up with sunny to go find a haster cage for lohlah. then, we went to the mall. then, we went to end of the line beacue i heard a band was playing but turns out they were super mellow and not really what i wanted to see. so we headed over to sluggos. much more entertaining. after being there for a bout ten minutes, mandee, josh, sece, and lisa showed up. i raelly liked the last band i saw, the hanks. they're name made me thing of the donnas and then hank wiggins. in conclusion, i had fun.

he's just sitting there alone, like he has been all dayCollapse )


Go to google.com and put "(your name here) is" in the search box. Pick your 10 favorite entries and list them in your own journal. When you are searching, dont forget to put the quotations.

- Meganne is a vivacious young 10 year old. She is already an outstanding
cheerleader on a top competitive cheerleading squad from Georgia.
- Meganne is very relaxed on a horse and is very quiet up in the saddle.
- Meganne is the resident costume designer for adobe theatre company.
- Meganne is working on her extensive bio!
- Meganne is more sure footed and has a bit more flair.
- Meganne is such an exemplary employee.
- Meganne is gonna take those 323 magnetics if that's still ok with you.
- Meganne is so a girl's name.
- Meganne is a feature twirler with the University of Arkansas.
- Meganne is only 18 years old, but already tried our services.

haha, that was amsuing. well, i found it amusing.

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